Q. Do you build custom homes?
A. Yes, we custom designed and build each home.

Q. How many homes do you build a year?
A. The homes we build require a lot of hands-on participation to achieve a quality final product. That said we can only build 8-10 homes at a time and ensure the quality we are proud of.

Q. How long have you been building homes?
A. We have been designing and building homes since 1983

Q. What area of Dallas do you build in.
A. We primarily build in the North Dallas, Preston Hollow, Park Cities, Lakewood and Forest Hills Neighborhoods but we will consider other parts of town. 

QHow much do your homes cost to build per foot?
That is a popular question and a hard one to answer. Each home is different depending on the cost of many items i.e. the land, foundation, energy package, windows, doors, hardware, fixtures,  appliances, and area under the roof. You name it and it affects the cost. Some items add to the cost some save you money. But to answer the question your new home can cost as little as 155.00 per foot and 350.00 per foot – not including the cost of the land

QDo you have available home sites?
A. Yes, well sort of. The areas we build in are primarily older neighborhoods going in a process of rebirth. The available home sites are actually existing residences of which we remove and replace with a new home. There is no shortage of existing houses for sale in most neighborhoods, thus we have available home sites.

QDo you have a model we can visit?
A. On one hand, I am sorry to say we do not have any homes that can be viewed on the other hand it’s not a bad place to be all things considered.  

QWho designs your homes?
A. I am responsible for the design of all the homes.

QDo you build green?
Yes, and I hesitate because the term “Green” is so overused. Energy saving features are designed into each of our homes. Everything from lot selection, home orientation to overhangs that provide sun protection as well as vent-able skylights, that act like chimneys to remove hot air from the home. The unseen portions of our roof are a light-colored roofing material to reflect the suns rays. We also use energy saving materials such as extra fiberglass insulation and foil backed decking on our roofs, exterior wall cavities filled with blown cellulose fiber, caulked wall plates and sealed holes in the exterior walls to reduce drafts. We also use high s.e.e.r air conditioning systems that are zoned with thermostatically controlled dampers.

QCould you build greener?
Well sure we could, but I seek a balance in product selection using cost to benefit relationship. If a product offers a 20-year payback on investment I am less likely to recommend its use than I would on a similar product that offers a 3-year payback.

QI noticed your homes have flat roofs, should I worry?
There a lot of things to worry about but flat roofs are not one of them. To start the flat roofs are not really flat, the roof surface is sloped to allow for water drainage, the walls around the roof give the impression of being flat. The construction of the roof consists of several layers of waterproofing materials. The roof is then topped off with a rolled roofing material called TPO. The edges of this material are chemically bonded to each other to provide a weatherproof seal.  With proper care and maintenance, our roofs should be trouble free for as long as a traditional pitched roof not to mention better looking.

Q. What are the concept designs?
A. The concept designs are ideas of homes we may be building in the future. They are also to serve as starting points for custom designs. 

QDo you custom design homes for your buyers or do we pick from your concept designs? 
A. We custom design each home to reflect the owner’s desires extenuate the positive aspects as well as mitigate the negatives of the owner’s property.

QWhat length of time is required to build a custom home?
A.We can build a home in around 10 to 12 months but there are many factors that can shorten or lengthen the construction process.

QAre you an architect?
A.No, I am not a registered Architect but I do have a degree in Architecture from University of Texas at Arlington and have been designing homes since 1975.

QWhat if I have a question not mentioned above?
A. You can submit your questions using the form in the “Contact Us” section. We will respond to all questions promptly.